Business Opportunity

In this digital era, where global business is not hard, a stable mindset and honesty is needed in every step of a business. Therefore we can work together for a satisfactory outcome. Here are some of our offers –
Be a partner
Trusted BD Private Limited is a Bangladeshi buying house, agent and sourcing agent. We export all types of apparel, jute products and few specific food items. We are working to set up our office outside  Bangladesh. For this we want to offer you to be a partner of our business. You are welcome to discuss in details about this.

Be an investor
Bangladesh is economically potential at the field of IT, E-commerce, Jute and Apparel. We have these above cited project of three types, for which the plan has been created to reach its objective. We are looking for investment partners to invest in our project. We are also looking investors who might be interested in helping us to generate an international platform at IT, E commerce and garments area.
We also have a distinctive plan to set up International E commerce platform, that no one has ever applied in our country, so the possibility of success is expected.
We agree to make a legal agreement by maintaining all  internationals terms of business. Our investors can be foreign individual/ Angel investor, Group or Investment firm.

Be a Supplier
This company has lot of connections with our local retailer and online shops, now we are looking for suppliers who can supply us ornaments, cosmetics, shoes and technology products. We are already working in this sector, and we hope to see  you as our next vendors/ suppliers.