Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Bangladesh?
In 2016 Bangladesh secured the second place in exporting garments and today Bangladesh is the second largest apparel exporter in the world. Sixty percent of its buyers are European renowned brand and forty percent are Americans. As we are in the second position, our percentage of RMG (ready made garments) export is 82.4% of total export earnings in the country. As reported by BB data, the export earnings from garments was $7043.8 million in October to December quarter of 2016, and in the same quarter of 2017 it was $7628.67 million. Our exporting ratio is growing day by day with food items, handcrafts and jute products.
The main advantage of Bangladesh is cost saving and availability of raw materials with high quality framework.

Why us as a buying agent?
Most importantly we keep-up a professional relationship with buyers, our experienced staffs are  always sincere and serious about buyer’s needs how to increase buyer profit margin.

The quality of our company is:
• We deal with any MOQ with the best quality and with a standard price.
• We are connected with top manufacturer of Bangladesh at garments, shrimps, hessian, jute potato and other mentioned products.
• We are always careful to maintain a reliable relationship with our vendors and buyers.
• We ensure the timely packaging and shipment (as we are experienced in these areas).
• We are able to prepare a report of products before start a order by our own professionals.
• Our professionals have visited all factories of Bangladesh and we have details of factories and we know well to whom we need to go for a specific category or requirement.
• We also play a role in social responsibility, so as a buyer your commission  help us to play more effective role in social responsibility area.
• Our suppliers are internationally certified, recognized. Hence, quality checking issue is expected to fulfill honestly. We ensure the best quality of any single order.

Particularly, we are sincere about our responsibility of your order and fair in dealing  all related or required stage. Since we believe honesty is the best policy of business, we agree to help our buyers by providing products with the maximum degree of authenticity.