Quality Assurance

Quality ensuring is a vital part of our responsibility. We deal only reliable traders for ensuring quality and international standard.
The AQL (accepted quality level) standard 1%, 1.5%, 2.5%, 4%, 6.5%, 10% can be used for inspection based on products price and quality of product. Our quality assurance executives can do AQL check at the beginning stage of production and before the packaging of shipment to ensure the buyers requirement. Highly trusted Bangladesh private limited, ensure the technical standard to furnish the best quality for all of the products which we can source for our buyers.

First step of quality control
In the fist stage, we will examine material, related components to make a sample product with our buyers according to requirements. At this time we will also examine the factory’s capability for making the order full.
The purpose of this stage, is to identify the production process, defective materials (if any), and whole system of making the order full, we will give you all of the first stage report and sample.

Second step of quality control
After obtaining order confirmation from the samples, the production will begin and in this stage we will identify any disturbance of factory, suitability and compatibility of raw materials, related components.
This is also called mid-time inspection, when the production is over 10% our professionals will visit factory every day and will continue this inspection till the 90% production of the full quantity.
From this regular inspection, we will provide report to our buyers about the daily process of production and other process. Our buyers can get the following information in this stage-
1. The quantity finished by factory.
2. Full report based on the new finished products about size, % of materials, labeling details.
3. Any problem of factory that may cause  any delay of packaging and shipping.
4. For frozen foods,  buyers will get information about the available quantity and quality.
5. A forecasted schedule to complete the whole order.

Third step of quality control
Each of our buyers order is considered vital to us, so as your agent we want to do third checking before accepting the entire product line. We will check and can give buyers the following information-
1. Total ordered quantity and production quantity.
2. Product dimensions ( size, shape, weight and AQL testing )
3. Packaging information & Carton branding.
4. The whole compatibility with our buyer requirements and with our specification.

Our professionals deal with the follow-up service toward the end of the shipment. Trusted BD Private Ltd. is bound to deliver you a order not only in a timely manner but also with a best quality.
As mentioned earlier, our prime responsibility is to complete & transport your order with the maximum degree of reliability and commitment because of that we can use any of your chosen system or third party to ensure the quality.